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The purpose of the DVHL is to promote, govern and improve organized hockey in the Delaware Valley area by authority of USA Hockey, Inc.: to foster among its members, supporters and teams a general cooperative spirit; to maintain and increase interest in the game of hockey; to have and exercise a general care, supervision and direction over the playing interest of its teams and players.


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  • DVHL All-stars
  • Stats Have Been Removed From Website
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(updated 3/25/14)

Tri State Hockey League

It is with great pleasure that we announce the consolidation of the Tri-State Hockey League (THL) into the DVHL!

Effective immediately, all clubs currently in the THL that are not a member of the DVHL, will be grandfathered into the league and become Associate members of the DVHL.  This membership will allow these clubs to field teams in the DVHL Mite division as well as the DVHL “C” division that will now be called the “THL” division.  As per the bylaws, Associate Members will have no voting rights in any matters other than what applies to their participation in the league which will be the Mite and THL Divisions.  Associate members of the THL division will not be permitted to place teams in the AA, A or B divisions.  To help with the consolidation, the current bylaws for the C division will be revisited to determine any changes agreed to (e.g. no playoffs permitted for the C division).

All current clubs in the DVHL will now have the option of also placing teams into the THL division.  Existing bylaws will still apply when it comes to percentages and number of teams on a level as well as petitioned teams. 

As approved by our membership at the March annual meeting, to help offset the work load associated with this consolidation, the DVHL will put into place a third Vice President on our Executive board who will be in charge of the THL division.  Nominated by the Executive Committee, Ben Umstead (past VP of the THL league) has accepted this position.  With his knowledge of the talent of the players in the THL league for the past four years, Ben will be able to give insight on whether or not a team should be placed into the THL division to help avoid having a team participate in the THL division that should be going to a higher talent division.

We welcome them to the DVHL and look forward to a long standing relationship with our new clubs!

Colleen Marinari, DVHL President

DVHL All-Stars

All of our All-stars have been named and we are proud to announce that we will be holding our games on Sunday, March 30 at the Ice Works Ice Rink, in Aston, PA, home of the Delco Phantoms!

Players need to arrive at least one hour prior to their game time to check in and receive their jerseys, socks and pull over fleece for their participation in the games.  Our Pee Wee's will begin at 10:00 AM, our Bantam's at 10:15 and our Midget 16's at 11:45 AM.  We have broken each of the three levels down into two teams, East vs West.

We congratulate all of the players chosen and thank the coaching staff on all of the teams for volunteering their time to help make our games a success!  For a roster of each of our teams, please click here!

Sled Hockey Emotions Are High!

"To say our players/kids are amazing everyday we sound like regular parents...well today one of our players is returning to the ice after a heart transplant! It's one thing to be a proud parent..it's another thing to be a proud parent to a handicap child who defies all odds and never let's their disABILITY rule their life! I am in awe of these kids and what they prove to the world every day!"....Christina Costantino Mauger, parent of player on our Virtua Wings of Steel Team

"2013 was an emotional and hard year for the Wings of Steel, but we have started out 2014 on a high note. Our player who had a heart transplant just a few short months ago made his triumphant return to sled hockey today and played with his team for the first time since April. He helped carry us to a 3-1 victory and played like a true teammate, helping set up the other players. I never cease to be amazed at the drive, determination and heart that all of the sled hockey players play with. I am proud to be involved with a great sport and amazing bunch of athletes!"....Lori Brake, Team Manager Virtua Wings of Steel


Stats Have Been Removed From Website

After many complaints from the clubs, the DVHL will be taking a vote at our President's meeting on January 8 as to whether or not keep all stats or remove them from the website.

Club Presidents are tired of receiving complaints that their child's goal for/goal against are incorrect, that their son did not receive the assist he should have, that the scores are not correct on the website while the game is still in play, etc. etc.    This is just an example, below are more.

Another one - parents are coming out of the stands and going to the scorekeepers box, knocking on their door, and telling them to add an assist as it is not showing on the website and he wants to get their child credit.  All while the game is still in play.

Another one - One father even asked if we would watch a video and count the shots on net that his son had so that we could change them.  By doing this, it would change his son's status on the website from the #17 goalie to #4.

Another one - parents are paying their children money to score so that their stats are better on the web. 

Coaches are saying that the players are not passing like they should be.  They are trying to score to improve their stats.

It appears that the general consensus is that having the stats on the web is completely changing the game of youth hockey.  Please contact your club president to let them know your thoughts so that they can vote at the meeting as to whether or not to keep the stats for the remainder of the year as well as next season.

At the January 8 President's meeting a vote was taken and approved to remove all stats from the DVHL website for the remainder of this season and all of next season.

Locker Room Monitors

An unmonitored locker room exposes the minor participants to possible physical and emotional harm.  It is the responsibility of each organization and coach to provide a safe program on and off the ice.

 According to the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Manual:  It is the policy of USA Hockey that all USA Hockey Member Programs have at least one responsible screened adult present monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room.  Acceptable locker room monitoring could include having a locker room monitor in the immediate vicinity (near the door) outside the locker room that also regularly and frequently enters the locker room to monitor activity inside.  If the monitor(s) are inside, then it is strongly recommended that there be two monitors, both of which have been screened.  A local program or team may impose or follow stricter monitoring requirements.  Any individual meetings between a minor participant and a coach or other adult in a locker room shall require that a second responsible adult be present.  The responsible adult that monitors and supervises the locker room shall have been screened in compliance with the SafeSport Program Handbook and District.

All local programs shall publish locker room policies to the parents of all minor participants that are specific to the facilities they regularly use.  The local program’s policies shall include the program’s (a) practices for supervising and monitoring locker rooms and changing areas; (b) permission or lack of permission for parents to be in the locker rooms; (c) prohibited conduct, including at least all forms of abuse and misconduct prohibited by USA Hockey; and (d) specific policies regarding the use of mobile electronic devices and phones and prohibiting the use of a device’s recording capabilities.  A sample locker room policy form may be found at www.usahockey.com/safesport.

It is also reminded if more than one locker room is used by the team each locker room must be monitored.  Example, you coach a youth team that has both male and female participants the locker room for each must be monitored by a properly screened adult.

USA Hockey has now mandated that each organization have a SafeSport coordinator. A handbook is now available for all coordinators to download along with a copy of the different policies and required training of USA Hockey's and its member programs'. Please go to the website link:http://www.usahockey.com/SafeSport.aspx to review this new policy and to download all of the required paperwork for your coordinator!

Each club coordinator must take the course and download/complete their SafeSport certificate. All completed certificates are to be emailed to Pete Rothman, Atlantic District SafeSport Coordinator, atpete@rbcpa.net. All certificates must be completed by September 30 and sent to Pete for confirmation. The training website link to USA Hockey is:http://assets.ngin.com/attachments/document/0042/6452/USA_Hockey_SafeSport_Program_Handbook.pdfor you can always find it on the SafeSport webpage at www.usahockey.com/safesport. For a copy of a coordinators checklist, click here!

Pointstreak Mobile App Is Now Updated

Special thanks goes to the Philadelphia Flyers for paying Pointstreak to make an app especially for the DVHL.  The current app that you have downloaded takes you into the Point Streak System allowing you to access all that Point Streak covers.  This new app will take you directly to the DVHL.  It also will allow you to sign up for alerts that the league may send out which will help us to keep communication going between the league and our families. The Pointstreak Mobile app's are free to download and are available for Blackberry, iPhones and Android platforms. 

Our membership can download the app that will take you directly to the DVHL system by going to the following:




Or our membership can download the app that will take you to the PointStreak system as a whole by going to the following:

  • Blackberry:  Go to Mobile site on your browser at www.m.pointstreak.com
  • iPhone:  Go to iPhone App Store and search for "Pointstreak", download is free
  • Android:  Go to Google Play store and search for "Pointstreak", download is free

DVHL Playoffs and League Season

We have hit a few snags that we need to deal with regard to our playoffs.  We had to make some decisions in order to try to work this out which results in our having to make a change on what dates our teams are going to playoffs and changing our original posting of our league season dates.

In using the original dates posted, based on the formats that we voted on and approved, it would mean that the first weekend of playoffs we would need 71 games to be played.  Even though we have four sheets of ice to work with at Iceline, we would have to play on Thursday and Friday (during the day), all day Saturday and Sunday.  In using the original dates posted, based on the formats that we voted on and approved, it would mean that the second weekend of playoffs we would need 35 games to be played.

Taking the above into consideration and to work with the High Schools for their playoffs and finals, we need to make a change to accommodate everyone and to avoid taking the players out of school as much as possible.  Therefore, what we can do is make the change to the Midget 16 and 18 levels to all be held during the first weekend of playoffs and to move  all of the Pee Wee’s and Bantams to the second weekend.  The Squirts will remain the same playing both the first and second weekends.  By doing this it would change our first weekend from 71 games to 51 games and our second weekend from 35 games to 55 games.  This helps to balance out the weekends better, hopefully avoid taking the kids out of school as much as possible and hopefully avoiding high school playoff conflicts.

At the current time, according to Point Streak, we have games scheduled for Feb. 22-23 and ask that no more games for that weekend or for black out weekend already scheduled for Feb. 28-March 2 be scheduled unless you need to do so according to the new league schedule that is posted to accommodate these needed changes.  We tried to make it as clean as possible.  We have also posted our DVHL Playoff Format that was approved by the membership on the website.

Coaching Credentials and Screening

All coaching accreditation was required to be received by December 31 with modules being completed by January 31.  Screening is required to be completed by October 1 online at www.atlantic-district.org.  All coaches, both head and assistants, will be checked throughout the season, at our DVHL playoffs and Atlantic District tournaments.  If you do not meet the proper requirements, you will not be permitted on the bench!

For up to date 2013-14 Coaching guidelines on what a coach needs to coach a team, click here!  To confirm who needs to be a level 4, click here!

Liberty Mutual Fall Community Grant

Your team/organization could earn a $2,500 Responsible Sports Community Grant from Liberty Mutual Insurance.  The Community Grant is a competition-based fundraising program that awards $2,500 Grants to youth sport teams, clubs, associations and schools who rally their supporters to commit to a Responsible Sports environment. 

Simply take the Responsible Sports quiz and credit a team or DVHL organization of your choosing to help them earn a $2,500 Grant.  Don't wait, apply now at https://responsible-sports.libertymutual.com/programs/grant

Pointstreak Scorekeeper Training Aids

Below are the links for you to use for on site training for the Pointstreak terminals in all of your rinks.  Please feel free to use them to setup group training sessions if you need to as well as print them off for yourself to use!

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