RGV Unveils New Logo, Jerseys, Players

Date: Jan 09, 2013
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RGV Unveils New Logo, Jerseys, Players

In a press conference honored with the presence of Martin Cepeda, Mayor of Hidalgo, Texas, the Rio Grande Valley Flash presented their new image, as well as important signings for the team.

The event was conducted by Gerardo Guerra, President of the team, who presented the new logo and uniform to the media and fans.

“We have important reveals today, first of all is our new logo and jersey, also for this new campaign, the RGV Flash will be willing to have soccer stars from Mexico for our home games”, mentioned Guerra.

The first guest star joining the team will be Claudio ‘Diablo’ Nuñez, who will be facing Texas Strikers on January 27th along with the RGV Flash players. Nuñez played for the Tigres in Mexico from 1997 to 2003, where he scored more than 40 goals and became an ‘idol’ for the fans, and has 31 caps for his native Chile.

The RGV Flash also presented Juan Gamboa, a local goalkeeper from the Valley, as the latest signing for the team.

Guerra announced that they will keep looking forward to incorporate more local talents, as well as more ex-Liga Mx players in the near future.

The press conference video, as well as all the information regarding the Rio Grande Valley team can be found on their website

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