Legends Baseball Instruction


Who We Are

Legends Baseball Instruction pays special attention to those players who, due to the advent of “Travel" and “Elite” baseball programs, have gotten less playing time and subsequently lost interest in baseball. 


LBI’s mission is to provide a professional learning and motivational experience to encourage young baseball players of all ages and ability to improve their baseball skills. LBI provides local communities with professional & experienced instructors who recognize that not all young athletes develop at the same pace and that not all young athletes are meant to play baseball at an advanced level.


LBI accomplishes this by providing indoor and outdoor instructional “clinics” and “camps” throughout the year as well as fielding summer and fall baseball teams to allow players the opportunity to continue playing baseball beyond the traditional recreation season.


LBI coaches and instructors are former/current professional baseball players, former/current college baseball players or former/current High School all star players. LBI Instructors are dedicated to advancing the skills of young players with a love for baseball. LBI instructors follow a baseball instructional curriculum developed by present and former professional baseball players, which was created as a fundamental approach to imparting baseball knowledge to young ball players.